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Better results for intercalation with octadecylamine (ODA) were obtained in case of the fine grained Mg-vermiculite from Letovice.
Table 1: Properties of the organic modifier for the MMT clay types considered in this study Trade name Modifier Chemical structure C10A (2MBHT) Dimethyl, benzyl, hydrogenated [FORMULA NOT tallow quaternary ammonium REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] C93A (M2HT) Methyl, bis-hydrogenated tallow [FORMULA NOT quaternary ammonium REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] C25A (2MHTL8) Dimethyl, hydrogenated tallow, [FORMULA NOT 2-ethylhexyl ammonium REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] OMBE Octadecylamine [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] The hydrogenated tallow (HT) had a composition of 6% [C.
2] and CH groups of octadecylamine intercalant in ODA-MMT organoclay and from backbone chain of PVA, respectively [24].
In view of the above findings, the octadecylamine (primary amine groups) modified clay (MMT-ODA) is far more efficient in ENR stocks than that of clay modified by a methyl-tallow-dihydroxyethyl ammonium compound (quaternary ammonium; MMT-MTH).
Adding fibrous multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) into poly-[epsilon]-caprolactone (PCL) resulted in accelerated isothermal crystallization compared with the neat PCL (20) similarly to the effect of octadecylamine modified single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) in iPP (21).
Cationic surfactants that are widely used in the preparation of organoclay are octadecylamine (ODA), 12-aminolauric acid, and stearylamine salts, etc.
30P), specifically designed for polyolefin applications, was an octadecylamine modified montmorillonite purchased from Nanocor.
NR (standard Malaysian type grade SMR 10) was used as base polymer, reinforced with two kinds of clays: The first clay was modified by dimethyl-di(hydrogenated tallow) alkyl ammonium salt (clay-QUAT) and the second by octadecylamine (clay-PA).
This organoclay contains 70-75 wt% montrnorillonite and 30-25 wt% octadecylamine.
This MMT was surface treated with octadecylamine surfactant for good dispersion in an amine cured epoxy resin.
The fillers were three montmorillonites (OMMTs) organically modified with dimethyl dehydrogenated tallow quaternary ammonium (Cloisite [R] 20A, Southern Clay Products), octadecylamine (Nanomer [R] 130 TC, Nanocor), and bis-2-hydroxyethyl methyl tallow quaternary ammonium (Cloisite "1 30B, Southern Clay Products) that have a cation exchange capacity of 90, 145, and 95 meq/100 g.