OCTOOffice of the Chief Technology Officer
OCTOOrange County Transporter Organization
OCTOOncology Clinical Trials Office (Department of Clinical Pharmacology; University of Oxford; UK)
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This first part is called the octave, from the Latin word octo, eight.
Key Willis Towers Watson personnel will also join the Octo team.
Unlike other penalty-focused distracted driving apps that may shut off a smartphone altogether, Octo delivers an education-based approach, monitoring and communicating feedback to drivers so they better understand the risks, and working with insurance customers to incentivize drivers to stay off their phones while driving.
The Link services are based on driver scoring and contextualised risk analytics collected by Octo U, a direct to consumer driving behaviour app.
OCTO is setting the standard for data collection, investing to bring its key assets to the industry that it pioneered in 2002.
Following the success of its large rental and fleet programs in Europe, Octo Telematics now launches a solution for insurers serving the commercial sector in North America.
Octo has built a database containing more than 4 million connected consumers, primarily through 60 large insurer partnerships in EU and US markets.
Octo Telematics is a global provider of insurance telematics services.
Project Octo is the brainchild of Ketan Mistry, owner of web development company Dubbed Creative, in collaboration with Adam Pritchard, Director of digital marketing agency, Future State of Digital.
The Octo range by Bulgari has upheld iconic watchmaker Gerald Genta's name over the years, and the marquee has now launched its latest version of Octo, showcasing many hallmarks of its creator's design style albeit with a few modern twists.
It is said that Octo realized early on that 23-year-old Frankie G was just too young to handle her fast paced lifestyle .