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ODESOcean Data Evaluation System (EPA)
ODESOperational and Deployment Experiments Simulator
ODESOffice Docking Environment System
ODESOxford and District Esperanto Society
ODESOptimization and Design of ExperimentS (Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution workshop)
ODESOptimizations for DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and Embedded Systems (IEEE workshop)
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Odes from the Sandbox serves as a point of inspiration for soldiers, sailors, and airmen who can't quite find the words to express how they are feeling.
Having sleek, aerodynamic bodies, huge eyes, and two pairs of independently controlled wings, odes are fascinating to watch as they zoom around in search of food.
Scholars once wondered whether Keats had in mind a specific urn or sculpted frieze as a model for the urn in his ode but long ago gave up trying to discover one.
The tendency of scholars to (over)emphasize the importance of Horace's attitude towards the State in his Odes can be illustrated by means of Carmen 1.
Of course not his Shiva court odes and lyrics full of elegant and easy and clear, and full of rare photos and attractive.
IN October 1916 Hedd Wyn began composing his ode Yr Arwr which he planned to enter for the Chair Competition of the National Eisteddfod to be held in Birkenhead, 1917.
Two days after her start date, a supervisor told Odes that the owners found her outfit "distracting.
Despite her struggle battling Citibank on her own, Debrahlee Lorenzana still feels sorry for 29-year-old Lauren Odes.
Charlesworth (New Testament language and literature, Princeton Theological Seminary) presents this accessible introduction to, and translation of, the Odes of Solomon.
Along these lines the most stimulating chapter is the fourth, on Cowley's Pindarique Odes (1656).
An appendix provides the Arabic texts of the three odes as well as those of the three pre-Islamic poets which are used to contextualize the Mantle Odes: 'Alqamah's "A Heart Turbulent with Passion"; al-Nabighah's "Ode of Mayyah"; and Zuhayr b.
We find here fifty-one of Casimir's 133 odes in multiple English renditions and twenty-three of his epigrams.