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ODNAOrganizational DNA
ODNAOndeo Degremont North America
ODNAOld Dover Neighborhood Association (Boston, MA)
ODNAOperations Division Network Alliance
ODNAOrthodox Druids of North America
ODNAoligonucleosomal deoxyribonucleic acid
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FLACSO, Contrato Social por la Educacion, ESPOL, PUCE, ODNA, Universidad de Cuenca y UNICEF, 2011: 323-342.
Tol'ko ptitsy i ryby znaiut, chto takoe odna sreda.
As it happens, both the original Russian title of Vladimir Makanin's novel Odin i odna (1987) and its German version are equally untranslatable into English: Odin and odna are numerals meaning "one [man]" and "one [woman].
37 billion dirhams project, with the ODNA covering the remainder of the cost.