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OeOersted (CGS measurement unit of magnetic energy)
OEOver-equipped (gaming)
OEOpportunity Enterprises, Inc (Valparaiso, IN)
OEOver Exaggeration
OEObservatório Eleitoral (Portuguese: Electoral Observatory; Mozambique)
OEOrthochromatic Erythroblast
OEOregon Electric Railway Company
OEOccupational Entrance (high-school job preparation program)
OEOptical Engineer/Ing
OEOverlay Explorer
OEOverseas Experience (travel)
OEOrganizational Element
OEOn Examination (clinical notes)
OEOutput Enable
OEOperational Evaluation
OEOpposing Elements
OEOperational Excellence
OEOuter Envelope
OEOver Etch (semiconductor gate etching)
OEOption Expiration
OEOld Edwardian (King Edward's School Birmingham)
OEObjective Evidence
OEOpen Entries
OEOwner's Engineer
OEOffice of Enforcement
OEOptical to Electrical
OEOrder Entry (CRM module)
OEOrdnance and Explosives
OEOrganizational Economics
OEOrganizational Effectiveness
OEOriginal Equipment
OEOutlook Express (Microsoft)
OEOld English
OEOperating Envelope (OMS term)
OEOperating Environment
OEOperating Expense
OEOperational Effectiveness
OEOperational Element
OEOperator Error
OEOptions Exchange
OEOil Equivalent
OEOfficer of Elections (voting)
OEOutboard Engine (boating)
OEOtitis Externa
OEOxytocin and Ergometrine
OEOffline Explorer
OEOwner's Equity (accounting)
OEOrbital Express (DARPA satellite servicing demonstration)
OEOhio Edison
OEoral epithelium
OEOperational Error
OEOffice Equipment (Hekimian)
OEOperaciones Especiales (Spanish: Special Operations)
OEOperating Experience
OEOutcome Expectancy
OEOptical Extension
OEOld Etonian (Eton College)
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Curiosamente, seis meses antes de que Oersted arribara al pais, el 24 de marzo de 1846 habia nacido en Los Anonos, San Jose, un infante que recibio el nombre de Jose Castulo de Jesus Zeledon Porras.
Shortly afterwards two highly and internationally respected professors from the University of Copenhagen, the physicist Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851) and the philologist Johan Nicolai Madvig (1804-1886), began working for a new Danish educational system based upon the three aspects of Bildung and the neo-humanistic philosophy.
O en los estudios de Steinle (2002) para quien la simple variacion de lugar de la aguja respecto al hilo en el experimento de Oersted, planteaba dificultades al enfoque de Newton-Laplace de fuerzas centrales.
Oersted, incluye biografia y biliografia de Liebmann).
Professor Hans Christian Oersted from Copenhagen, who on April 21, 1820 first observed the magnetic effects of an electric current [2], proposed a clear explanation of the phenomenon discovered.
Cost overruns and construction delays at the Oersted, Copenhagen-based facility have accounted for more than 220 million euro (U.
Y es cierto que no encontramos entre ellos a nadie de la talla de un Laplace o de un Lavoisier, aunque si a un Oersted (descubridor del campo magnetico, cuya unidad de intensidad lleva su nombre, y autor de la primera propuesta sobre la identidad fundamental de las fuerzas electricas, magneticas, quimicas y luminicas (21)) y a un Humboldt, sin contar al ya mencionado Lamarck, a quien yo no dudo en incluir en el movimiento de la Naturphilosophie en consideracion al fondo de su concepcion de la evolucion biologica, muy conectado con la antigua idea metafisica de la gran cadena del Ser.
He dates the beginning of the grid to 1820 when Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted noticed that an electrical current flowing through a wire creates, or induces, magnetic forces in the surrounding area.
1981; Dodecaceria concharum Oersted, 1843; and Pectinaria granulata (Linnaeus, 1767) by using the Qiagen DNeasy tissue kit (Valencia, CA) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
El ambiente principal en la Isla de los Estados ha sido clasificado como bosque siempreverde o bosque mixto siempreverde, dominado por bosques puros de Nothofagus betuloides (Mirbel) Oersted y en menor medida por bosques mixtos de N.
The Variable Field Module (VFM) applies an in-plane magnetic field to a sample exceeding +2000 Oersted with less than 1 Oersted resolution.