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OFENOffice Fédéral de l'énergie (Belgium)
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However, the limiting factor for these capabilities is ofen the lack of knowledge or overreliance on national to tactical intelligence.
The OFEN response spectrum was applied in the two main horizontal directions and in the vertical direction with the prescribed attenuation factor of 2/3.
[...] dass es in dem Zimmer spuke, indem etwas, das dem Blick unsichtbar gewesen, mit einem Gerausch, als ob es auf Stroh gelegen, im Zimmerwinkel aufgestanden, mit vernehmlichen Schritten, langsam und gebrechlich, quer uber das Zimmer gegangen, und hinter dem Ofen, unter Stohnen und Achzen, niedergesunken sei.
Bei einem experimentellen Nachbau dieses Ofens konnte die fur Tiegelschmelze und Bronzeguss erforderliche Hitze (min.
Most environmental concerns of inland shrimp culture focus on salinization, because these culture systems ofen discharge into small, freshwater streams (8-10).
"We do a lot with fleet operators and there are still many different applications and technologies there, so fleet managers ofen have a really complex choice to make.
Oktober 1690 unter Anfuhrung des Patriarchen Carnojevic der Ubertritt auf das Territorium der Habsburgermonarchie; vorubergehende Ziele waren angesichts des unklaren Ausganges der militarischen Auseinandersetzung mit den Osmanen die Niederungen zwischen Theiss (26) und Mieresch (27), die Baranya, sowie Ofen (28) und weiter nordlich gelegene Landesteile Ungarns, (29) wahrend sich einzelne Gruppen nach Nordosten wandten und in Grosswardein (30) und Sathmar (31) niederliessen.
everyday life' ofen She took guarana and Berocca for energy, arnica tablets for bruising, ibuprofen and paracetamol, ginkgo biloba, which helps the memory - as well as her usual daily intake of vitamin B, cod liver oil, Glucosamine and honeygar, a mix of organic cider vinegar and Manuka honey, which she read explorer Ranulph Fiennes takes to help his back pain.
[SO.sub.4.sup.-2] particles (measured using a sulfate particulate analyzer model 5020; Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, USA) are formed through secondary reactions of sulfur dioxide emitted primarily by coal-burning power plants and ofen transported regionally over long distances (e.g., hundreds of kilometers) (Thurston and Spengler 1985).
According to Federal Office of Energy (OFEN) spokesperson Matthieu Buchs, the Swiss government is constitutionally obliged to provide "a secure, diverse and economically viable energy supply".
Jerusalem - PNN - Israeli officials have banned right wing settler Nerieh Ofen from the West Bank and two Jerusalem neighborhoods and upheld a court decision ordering settlers to leave a building in the predominantly Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan.