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OFEXOff Exchange (Over-The-Counter Market established in 1995, Specialising in Smaller Companies)
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off exchange platforms are better able to experiment and innovate.
"Such changes may include certain statewide market and product exits both on and off exchange, service area reductions and pricing commensurate with anticipated levels of risk by state."
While it is a taxable benefit, it is the only legal way for employers to provide a monthly allowance to employees to pay for qualifying individually owned insurance premiums, including health insurance premiums (on or off Exchange), supplemental insurance premiums (all types including disability), and life insurance (Term, Whole, Universal).
In our view, blind liquidity seeking could produce a worse result where trading off exchange was favoured to achieving the right price.
The Corps has agreed to do emergency work on eroding stream banks, off Exchange Street and Kingman Drive, because ongoing erosion is threatening to wash out the road and possibly damage underground water and sewer pipes, according to Project Manager Robert Russo.
NDRS shall be an off exchange electronic trading facility that will cater for real-time completed off market transactions indicating the transactions volume, price and respective members code, It does not provide automated trade executions and settlement of trades, which remain entirely on counter-party risk.
Shen indicated that his brand has taken action to completely fend off exchange losses related to euro for the second quarter of this year.
Speaking at a press conference after a regular cabinet meeting, Sakaiya shrugged off exchange market rumors that political instability could negatively affect Japan's economic recovery.
I have no doubt derivatives losses will mushroom at the next significant downturn as will losses on holdings of other risk assets, both on and off exchange. Nonetheless, I see no reason to question the underlying stability of the OTC markets, or the overall effectiveness of private market discipline, or the prudential supervision of the derivatives activities of banks and other regulated participants.
“Gold Advantage gives DAE members advanced access to new holiday weeks, priority requests and 10% off exchange fees and Bonus Weeks.
Subcontractors for the first part of the project, a new water treatment plant at the distributing reservoir off Exchange Street, were R.H.