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However, Rosa clamours for adventure too, and soon she is off to war as well.
Many never saw them again after they marched off to war.
Joan of Arc unknowingly accepted the mantle of fashion icon in 1429 when she rode off to war disguised as a man.
Danny is a ten year old boy whose father was sent off to war in Iraq as part of his Air National Guard unit and who was killed in action.
A tale of survival and rebirth, Three Day Road tells the story of two boyhood friends from northern Ontario who go off to war and how the experience changes them both.
Rosie the Riveter: As young men go off to war, women take their places on factory assembly lines.
While this narrative was taken from the Old Testament, it was also something she felt any mother sending their child off to war could relate to.
They again took up the relationship in 1913 and were married in 1916 right before he was sent off to war.
A large amount of genetic material, donated by men suffering from cancer or heading off to war, is now being deposited in cryogenic storage banks for future use.
Jaworski understands authority figures, having been in the Army to pay for his education, so he empathizes with the reservists who unexpectedly went off to war in Iraq.
Piers said the key differentiations for his company are that it will issue policies even to soldiers heading off to war, and that its policies impose no terrorist clauses or territorial restrictions.