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OOBOld Orchard Beach (Maine)
OOBOut-of-Bag (machine learning)
OOBOut of Browser (Microsoft Silverlight)
OOBOrder Of Battle
OOBOut of Body (experience)
OOBOut of Band
OOBOut of the Box
OOBOut of Box (software implementation projects)
OOBOut of Bed
OOBOff Off Broadway
OOBOut of Bottle
OOBOff Our Backs (feminist newsjournal, Washington, DC)
OOBOut of Battery (improper weapon discharge)
OOBOut of Breath
OOBOut Of Building
OOBOpen of business
OOBOperations Operating Budget
OOBOpen Order Book (finance)
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Livingston have been a bogey team for the last couple of seasons so it's good to get that off our backs.
And this is the administration that talked about getting the government off our backs.
finds it 'ironic that the new administration has made a big issue of getting the government off our backs, but subsidized agriculture will probably be around for four more years at least, and it's ruining potentially productive land.
Whatever it was, it was very important to get it off our backs.
For this interview I had the pleasure of talking to long-time member of the Off Our Backs collective, Karla Mantilla, about their struggles, successes, and philosophy about feminist publishing.
The feminist news journal off our backs recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, making it, by its own account, the longest continuously published feminist newspaper in the United States.