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Thompson said that many editors at the New Yorker, including Morrison and Remnick, had long considered Borowitz the funniest guy on the Internet and were already addicted to the comedian's Twitter feed, which he updates with topical jokes and off-color remarks many times throughout the day.
Like many public figures, Falwell was a part of a number of scandals: from off-color remarks about Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to his public fight with Flynt about a cartoon published in Hustler.
First, sexual references, off-color remarks, and "mature" double entendres are prohibited.
I would agree that in many instances in everyday life it is legitimate, necessary, and right to eschew the slang, the colorful and off-color remarks, the "common talk." It's important that we, as a society, protect neutral discursive spaces in our schools, churches, governmental institutions, courts, and so forth.
The clear crowd favorite, Joel mugged broadly, traded off-color remarks with his band and engaged in stage antics that would have been more at home in the Malcolm Wilson Room at the fabulous Mastic-Shirley Ramada Inn than an arena such as the Forum.
A full appreciation of King's often-lascivious private sense of humor supports a far more benign interpretation of his off-color remarks: the taped comments, whatever they precisely were, stemmed from King's enjoyment of dirty jokes, not from any "unguarded rage" toward the late president.
Thompson, 34, says he ended his surfing career two years ago because of too many nagging questions, innuendos, and off-color remarks regarding his homosexuality.
May's off-color remarks: "Obama would hire the rapper Lucacris to paint the White House black" ...
Jones has invoked none of the indignation that arose from feminists over Clarence Thomas' alleged off-color remarks to Anita Hill.
He then retweeted off-color remarks about the incident from his fans on Twitter.
Zell has made headlines in recent weeks for occasionally lapsing into profanity and off-color remarks as he tours Tribune's media properties.