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"The pilot evidenced how body-worn video has the potential to improve the quality of evidence provided by police officers and thereby increase the proportion of offences brought to justice." Edesix managing director Richie McBride said the benefits have been widely recognised.
We had targets like the 'offences brought to justice' target which encouraged the police to chase easy wins.
"There are more arrests year on year and there are more sanction detentions but the question is - because we are set targets for the number of offences brought to justice - 'are we sending the right people to the courts?' "The prisons being full tends to indicate that we are, as a service, nationally, butmy other concern is a gut instinct - I'm surprised at how early people are coming out after being given prison sentences today.
And since 2002 new figures show the region has also seen the largest increase in offences brought to justice compared to other similar metropolitan areas.
In a written Parliamentary answer, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said: "The increase in the number of PYO convictions is broadly consistent with the increase we have seen in recent years in the number of all offences brought to justice.
The Ministry of Justice's previous PSA to increase the number of offences brought to justice to 1.25 million has been met.
Eight years ago, alternatives to prosecution accounted for about 30% of offences brought to justice. But now official figures showthey are now the main method of "dispensing justice".
Elaine Lumley, chairwoman of Cleveland Criminal Justice Board, said: "Overall I believe that the findings are encouraging because they show that across many of the key areas which concern the public, for example the number of offences brought to justice, detection rates, ensuring that the courts work effectively and that persistent young offenders face rapid and effective justice, we are making significant progress and that is, of course, reflected in the rise in public confidence.
``We are the best performing metropolitan police force in terms of sanctioned detections and offences brought to justice. ``You are less likely to be a victim of crime in the region.
The figures forecast the number of offences brought to justice this year will be 9,299, above the target of 8,986.
He added: "The Government wishes to see any parties who have committed criminal offences brought to justice as expeditiously as possible.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: "The increase in cautions in recent years is broadly consistent with the improved performance of the criminal justice system which in 2007-08 saw a 44% increase in the number of offences brought to justice since 2001-02."