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OLASSOffender Learning and Skills Service (UK)
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And the West Midlands Offender Learning and Skills Service, launched last year, has been working on a range of projects designed to provide offenders with skills and employment opportunities.
David Cragg, regional director of West Midlands Learning and Skills Council, said: "This 'test bed' project builds on the very exciting work that has been going on in the region since the launch of the Offender Learning and Skills Service last year.
By working with employers, the Probation Service, prisons and the Offender Learning and Skills Service can provide offenders with the skills they need to be more employable which, in turn, will help them resettle in the community and benefit society as a whole.
It has entered a partnership with Northumberland and Durham prisons, the probation service and the Youth Justice Board to offer an integrated Offender Learning and Skills Service.