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OAOdessa American (Odessa, TX, USA)
OAOrder of the Arrow (National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America)
OAOpen Access
OAOn Air (TV, radio)
OAOffice Automation
OAOffice of Administration
OAOnder Andere (Dutch: Among Others)
OAOvereaters Anonymous
OAOcean Acidification (marine pollution problem)
OAOnline Advertising
OAOlympic Airways
OAOriginal Article
OAOral Administration (medicine and educational testing)
OAOnboard Administrator (software; Hewlett-Packard)
OAOutside Air
OAOpen Agility (AKC title)
OAOpen Architecture
OAOutput Axis
OAOpportunity Assessment
OAOrganizing Authority (various organizations)
OAOccupational Asthma
OAOperating Agency
OAOn or About
OAocular albinism
OAOperational Area
OAOffice Action
OAOffice of AIDS (California)
OAOffice of the Administrator
OAOptical Amplifier
OAOperational Assessment
OAOutside Assistance
OAOcciput Anterior (fetal position)
OAOrganization and Administration
OAOut of Action
OAOrthogonal Array
OAOffensive Action
OAOffered Again
OAOctopamine (biogenic amine)
OAOptic Axis
OAOrganizational Assessment
OAOrder of Australia
OAOperations Analyst
OAOperational Availability
OAObstacle Avoidance
OAOsmotic Adjustment
OAOperational Architecture
OAOperations Assurance
OAObject Adapter
OAOriental Adventures (gaming)
OAOriginal Advocacy
OAObjective Area
OAOrthogonal Acceleration (mass spectrometry)
OAOff-line Analysis
OAOpportunity Analysis
OAOrder Administration
OAObligational Authority
OAOxford Academy (Cypress, CA)
OAOnline Academy
OAOperational Assistance
OAOperating Agent
OAOffice of Audits
OAOld Assyrian
OAOrdinary Annuity
OAOrientation Advisor (school)
OAOver Aged
OAOrdering Activity
OAOpera America
OAOrdered Aggregate (Differentiated Services Protocol)
OAOnline Alumni
OAOperations Agreement (NASA)
OAOperator Assistant
OAOakstone Academy (Ohio)
OAOld Aspen
OAOrienteering Australia (Australian Capital Territory)
OAOrder of Architects (Portugal)
OAOversight & Performance Assurance
OAOrigin Agent (transportation industry)
OAOffice of Applications
OAOld Athen
OAOptical Augmentation
OAOrange Anime (Florida japanese culture and media club)
OAOperating Authorization
OAOrchestra Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
OAOperations Astronomer
OAOverhead Approach
OAOrbit Area
OAOrder of Avalon (gaming)
OAOperability Analysis
OAOrbital Analyst
OAOutput Acknowledge
OAOvarian Atresia
OAOrbiter Ancillary
OAOcclusal Amalgam (dentistry)
OAOperations Aerographer
OAOverton Arm
OAOrbital/Orbiter Assembly
OAOperational Assist/Assembly
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And they took bold offensive action. They showed an innovative, pioneering spirit, and they gave the enemy that old American moxie.
Speaking on the occasion, Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma said it was for the government to decide and permit offensive action against pirates.
Almost every serviceman is trained to take such offensive action, when necessary, but very few of them would ever be called upon to kill another human being.
This "small on big" screen would greatly discourage any defensive switches, making this offensive action much more difficult to defend.
The powerful politician warned supporters at the rally, which is held every year on the last Friday of Ramadan, that Israel could take "tougher and more offensive action" than the US against Iran and the Arab world.
A strategic attack is a JFC-directed offensive action against a target--whether military, political, economic, or other--that is specifically selected to achieve national or military strategic objectives.
Stopped by an officer for a traffic violation, he perceived that the officer was too professional for him to attempt any offensive action even though he feared arrest and jail.
Alan Fraser flew the last aircraft of the force and believed that he and his crew took the last offensive action by the RAAF in WW2.
"After five years of concessionary bargaining, lost pensions and battered work rules, our pilots are primed to take offensive action," Prater said.
The central tenet of offensive action leading to a decisive battle underpinned Japanese naval strategy during the early months of World War II.
The UN resolution would lead to Hezbollah being disarmed and demand Israel halt all offensive action within Lebanon.
''The RNA would carry out more vigorous offensive action if the Maoists ignored the royal call to abjure violence and continued with their so-called people's war,'' Nepalese newspapers Friday quoted the army chief as saying.