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OTSOfficer Training School
OTSOffice of Thrift Supervision (US Department of the Treasury)
OTSOffice of Technology Services
OTSOuter Space Treaty (est. 1967; space law; various nations)
OTSOffice of Traffic Safety
OTSOptions Trading System
OTSOn the Side (band)
OTSOrganization for Tropical Studies (Costa Rica)
OTSOpen Testing Service
OTSOn the Spot
OTSOriginal Text Service (press communications)
OTSOut of Service (complete system/equipment failure)
OTSOne Tight Slap
OTSOn the Scene
OTSOntario Tire Stewardship (Ontario, Canada)
OTSOverseas Trade Statistics (UK)
OTSOver The Shoulder
OTSOpportunity To See
OTSOncotherapy Science, Inc. (Japan)
OTSObject Transaction Service
OTSOpen Two Seater
OTSover Temperature Shutdown
OTSOptical Transport Section
OTSOpen Technical Support
OTSObject Based Temporal Scalability
OTSOld Testament Survey
OTSOffice of Transportation Services (various locations)
OTSObject Transaction Service (CORBA)
OTSOne Time Settlement (legal)
OTSOntario Thoracic Society (Ontario, Canada)
OTSOpen Two Seater (Jaguar)
OTSOptimind Technology Solutions (Philippines)
OTSOptical Transport System (Ciena)
OTSOperator Training Simulator
OTSOccupational Therapy Student
OTSOrdre du Temple Solaire (French: Order of the Solar Temple)
OTSOne-Time Source (US DoD)
OTSOfficers Training School (Mangla, Pakistan)
OTSOffice of Toxic Substances
OTSOffice of Transport Security (Australia)
OTSOff the Subject
OTSOrbital Test Satellite
OTSOperator Training System
OTSOrder Tracking System
OTSOffer to Settle (law)
OTSOxford Transport Strategy
OTSOpening Theme Song
OTSOil Temperature Sensor (automotive engines)
OTSOffice of Trial Staff
OTSOpen Theme Standard
OTSOahu Transit Services, Inc.
OTSOpen Tech Support
OTSOver The Sofa (artwork)
OTSOshkosh Transit System
OTSOwensboro Transit System (Kentucky, USA)
OTSOver Target Schedule
OTSObject Telephony Server
OTSOff Tool Sample
OTSOrchestra at Temple Square (Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Salt Lake City, Utah)
OTSOffice Telesystem
OTSOccurrence Tracking System
OTSOnline Transaction System
OTSOptical Telemetry System
OTSOcean Thermal Structure
OTSOpen Transport Service
OTSOperational Test Site
OTSOuter Thermal Shield
OTSOrbit Transfer System
OTSOrdo Templi Satanas (Satanism)
OTSOpen to Sky (architecture)
OTSOrbital Tracking Station
OTSOperations Testing and Simulations
OTSOfficers' Tactical School
OTSOSI Transparent Services
OTSOmnidirectional Tracking System
OTSOperator Telephone System (ITU-T)
OTSOrdinary Train Staff
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Get the ball rolling with a generous offer to settle the divorce bill and then move on to a customs union agreement that includes both financial services and agriculture.
Ms Hutchinson said: "In recent years, insurance companies will contact those involved in road traffic collisions and offer to settle their injury claim at a reduced amount without the benefit of a medical report.
In a letter sent to Prime Minister David Cameron, Mr Straw, and Sir Mark, he said: "I am making an open offer to settle our litigation.
But the case was in court as the judge considered whether the Trust should have permission to withdraw a PS325,000 offer to settle her claim.
Wulff, 54, Germany's youngest-ever president, had insisted on his innocence and last year rejected an offer to settle the case with a 20,000-euro ($27,000) fine, vowing instead to clear his name and honour.
Legislators from Marinduque is asking the provincial board to reject a $20 million offer to settle the country s worst mining disaster.
Many firms just submit an offer to settle the debt and put it in the file.
The response is that will be prohibited from relying on an offer to settle in support of a constructive dismissal claim although the legislation in its current form may need amending to achieve this.
That's why we made an offer to settle but we now find we are still being harassed.
If that is the case, it sounds like the other driver''s insurers made a pre-medical offer to settle the claim early and as cheaply as possible.
The letter also said that US authorities were ready to examine a Swiss offer to settle the dispute.
Summary: JEDDAH: A 90-year old Alzheimer's patient doing time for his failure to repay SR300,000 has been released from prison following a philanthropist's offer to settle the debt.