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OASYSOpen Architecture System
OASYSOpen Architecture Synthesis Studio
OASYSOpen Architecture Synthesis Studio (Korg)
OASYSOffice Automation System
OASYSOnline Automated System
OASYSOrbit Analysis System
OASYSObstacle Avoidance System
OASYSOpen Architecture System (advanced aviation system development)
OASYSOntario Assessment System (Government of Ontario, Canada)
OASYSOperability Assessment System
OASYSOperator Assist System
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Secoo Holding Ltd (Secoo)(Nasdaq:SECO), a large luxury e-commerce platform in Asia, announced on Wednesday a strategic partnership with Oracle in China to launch a new office automation system, improving Secoo's strategy development and upgrading its technology.
Office automation systems were, therefore, proved to be highly effective in public sector engineering organizations resulting in not only improvement in efficiency of processes but also economic advantages.
LWMC and PITB inked MoU for E-Filling and Office Automation System. The systems will ensure increased transparency and security of internal and external correspondence and promote Paperless culture in public sector.
LAHORE -- After experimentation at the Operations Deputy Inspector General's office, the e-Filing and Office Automation System (e-FOAS) is being introduced at the police station level.
The Provincial Minister was given detailed briefing about various aspects of the ongoing developmental project including e-governance initiative, KP security solution, computerization of arm licenses, establishment of citizen facilitation centres, office automation system ICT endowment fund, KP employees data bank etc and told that work on these projects is speedily in progress while some of them are near completion.
Budding a powerful law office automation system is comparable to building a skyscraper.
In Jones' own department, Data General minicomputer users employ DG's CEO office automation system.
Datapoint has enhanced its Pro-Vista office automation system with several hardware and software additions and a fiber-optic link for its ARC local network.
Individual banks use off-the-shelf personal-computing software without sacrificing the superior networking or share-resource processing and storage capabilities of a full-function office automation system. Network Includes Many Features
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