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References in classic literature ?
A moment later he grasped an official envelope in his hand.
It was in an official envelope. As the habit of these fellows is, he had shown it to the first white man he came across.
"I was there," Armeftis said, adding that the minister had formed the document in question in cooperation with HIO, and had it delivered by hand to CyMA in an official envelope by an associate doctor.
Inside, the narrator finds an official envelope with a state seal.
Holding an official envelope and the offending newspaper clipping in his hand, McBride said: "We've been asked to respond to the comments in the article.
But what about the official envelope? Well, I decided to do without it.
"However we have been assured by Royal Mail that they would honour any ballot papers posted without a stamp, in an official envelope that was not franked.
In two different tests where we added a teaser copy to the "official envelope," the plain Jane version prevailed.
It shall be returned [begin strikethrough]in an official envelope marked "Ballot"[end strikethrough] to a specified location [begin strikethrough]and postmarked[end strikethrough] no later than March 1 of that year.
The unsigned letter, which arrived on Wednesday after a request for tax credit was turned down, was sent in an official envelope and written on Inland Revenue notepaper bearing the legend 'With compliments'.
Then later he told me to open my briefcaseand read what was inside and I did, finding an official envelope stamped with the state seal.
A full set of tickets, in their official envelope, is one of the items being made available for bids in the Great North Football Memorabilia Auction at the Marton Hotel and Country Club tomorrow afternoon.