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OFLAOregon Family Leave Act
OFLAOhio Foreign Language Association
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Therefore, she is not eligible to use OFLA for the stated purpose.
Answer: Under OFLA, an eligible employee may take up to 12 weeks of "parental leave" to care for the employee's newborn.
If both OFLA and FMLA apply, the husband and wife could take their first 12 weeks at the same time, after which OFLA would entitle them to take the remaining weeks of parental leave separately.
If, however, an employee has become eligible for OFLA leave but is not yet eligible for FMLA leave, only the OFLA leave entitlement is used.
While OFLA and FMLA generally provide for up to 12 weeks of leave in a leave year, OFLA allows a woman taking any pregnancy disability leave (up to 12 weeks) to take up to an additional 12 weeks of leave for any OFLA qualifying event.
OFLA includes all of those plus parents-in-law, same-gender domestic partners, grandparents and grandchildren.
Answer: Unless the employee's child suffers from an illness, injury or condition that requires home care, no protected leave is provided under OFLA.
Compliance with the FMLA and its Oregon equivalent, the OFLA, is one of the greatest challenges facing human resource professionals.
Question: If an eligible employee takes any amount of OFLA pregnancy leave, she is automatically entitled to another 12 weeks of leave for any qualifying OFLA event.
Question: When may I put an injured worker on OFLA (Oregon Family Leave Act) Leave?
There are several scenarios under which an employee would qualify for OFLA to attend the birth of a grandchild.
least 180 days immediately preceding the first day of the OFLA leave?