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OFTELOffice of Telecommunications (British)
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But it said the contractor had been approved by ICSTIS, which carried out the Oftel study.
The 118 119 spokesman said: 'I was surprised that Oftel did not choose a gradual, smooth switch over, allowing the new call centres to gradually develop the necessary experience.
We agree with Oftel that disconnection should be a last resort and it very much is in BT's case.
But BT said moves by Oftel to ease some other restrictions on operators were a step in the right direction towards a deregulated market.
In the meantime, Oftel is pushing the metered access model as the way to spur competition.
An industry standard or independent guide from Oftel is needed to make price comparison easier.
Getting the best deal on your mobile phone and the internet is now just a click away since communications watchdog Oftel published two new handy guides.
Phones watchdog Oftel says the cuts it wants to impose could save people who call mobile phones pounds 800 million over four years.
The reduction was ordered by telecom watchdog Oftel and will come into effect next March.
Feeding from a MORI poll of nearly 2,100 adults in May, Oftel reports that ten million homes-40 per cent of the total-now have an internet connection.
However both BT and Oftel denied that any formal proposals have been made.