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ONYOgdensburg, New York
ONYOnyxia (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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ONYOneonta, New York (USA)
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Hughes taught at the Ogdensburg State Hospital School of Nursing in Ogdensburg, New York. After her marriage, she lived in Chicago while her husband attended Northwestern University.
In 1989, he was hired as a corrections officer in the Riverview Correctional Facility in Ogdensburg, New York. He was not particularly religious at the time.
DisasterRecovery.com, Inc., of Ogdensburg, New York, has released an updated version of its Phoenix Disaster Recovery Planning software system for Internet service providers.
Lawrence River from Ogdensburg, New York, in a village northwest of Prescott, Ontario.
The Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority ("OBPA") is soliciting proposals for the development of an available commercial real estate site in Ogdensburg, New York. The term "RFP" means this document, all attachments and exhibits and any written addenda or responses provided by OBPA.
He had successfully entered the United States near the city of Ogdensburg, New York. There he turned himself over to the Ogdensburg police and they, in turn, handed him over to immigration officials who charged him with entering the country illegally.
7) Theft of a boat (value $35) that he used to cross to Ogdensburg, New York. 8) Junior Subaltern Windsor, ATS (a.k.a.
In November 1864, while visiting his sweetheart in Ogdensburg, New York, he was befriended by two men and a woman in a tavern.
In fact, Roosevelt phoned King in August 1940, to set up a meeting at Ogdensburg, New York. That meeting produced agreement on a joint board of defence for the continent.