OGELOil, Gas and Energy Law (journal; est. 2003)
OGELOpen General Export Licence (UK)
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Economic, environmental, social, foreign policy, technical and security dimensions," Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence OGEL, Volume, 6, Issue 3, https://www.ogel.org/article.asp?key=2787.
Studies by Corapcioglu and Ogel (8) with 18.556 tenth grade students in 1998 and 11.911 tenth grade students in 2001 showed the use of ecstasy rate as 2.65% in 1998 and 3.31% in 2001 (6,7).
BEIRUT: For the last six weeks Ibi Ibrahim, Lara Ogel and Evelyn Simons have been artists in residence at Beirut Art Residency, on Pasteur St.
Egitim-ogretim kaynaklari (EGOK) ile egitim-ogretim kalitesi (EOK), Ogretim elemanlari (OGEL) ile egitim-ogretim kalitesi (EOK), yonetimi, dekanlik ve bolum ofislerindeki personel (YON) ile egitim-ogretim kalitesi (EOK) ve universite destek hizmetleri (UNDEH) ile egitim- ogretim kalitesi (EOK) arasindaki ileskiyi orneklemek icin hipotetik iliskiler tablo 11'de sunulmus olup hiyerarsik regresyon metodu kullanilmistir.
Despite the fact that current data demonstrate that dependence on inhalants is a real phenomenon (Perron, Howard, Vaughn & Jarman, 2009; Ogel & Coskun, 2011) and clinical behavioral evidence shows that craving is a key component in this process (Volkow et al., 2006), so far there has been no measurable evidence of craving in inhalant users.
Ogel, "Avicel-adsorbable endoglucanase production by the thermophilic fungus Scytalidium thermophilum type culture Torula thermophila," Enzyme and Microbial Technology, vol.
This is consistent with the findings of Ogel in Turkey.15 Nicotine leads to physical and mental dependency on tobacco.16
It was found that people had largely started to smoke between 16 and 20 years old in also Bilir's, Ogel's and Demirel's studies (Bilir et al 1997; Demirel et al, 2004).