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OGUSShell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
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333, 350 (1988) (arguing that interjurisdictional competition is efficiency-enhancing); Ogus, supra note 122, at 406 (arguing against the position that "convergence of national laws (at least in the business sphere) is invariably desirable and that, if necessary, it should be promoted by mandatory harmonisation"); Charles Tiebout, A Pure Theory of Local Expenditures, 64 J.
It is important that provision of goods and services through a naturally monopolistic technology may involve parts that are inherently competitive as the economies of scale phenomenon may only affect one part of a given process (Ogus 2004:31).
Finally, "the public interest approach, which assumes that law is made exclusively to generate aggregate social welfare is too naive; and the private interest theory which relates it entirely to the furtherance of personal and group welfare is excessively cynical" (Ogus, 2004, p.
44, 44-45 (1983); WIKELEY & OGUS, supra note 98, at 716.
But, the ultimate decision-making mechanism is the Secretary of State (Ogus, 1994).
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Launch: Lord Green (centre left) and Clive Martell (centre right) with Turgay Ogus (left) and Tayfun Turkmen (right) of Delcam Turkiye.
For example, Sheffrin and Woo (1990), Milbourne and Otto (1992), Otto (1992), Manteu (1997), Makrydakis (1999), Ogus and Niloufer (2006), Goh (2007) and Khundrakpam and Rajiv (2008) find evidence against the basic PVMCA which is not a surprising result for this version of the ICA [Bergin and Sheffrin (2000); and Nason and Roger (2006)].
Ogus talks of three types of accountability: financial accountability, procedural accountability and substantive accountability.