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OMGOh My God (chat)
OMGObject Management Group (non-profit organization that oversees CORBA)
OMGOh My Gosh
OMGOh My Goodness
OMGOmega (gaming)
OMGOver My Grave
OMGOh My Gatos
OMGOfficially Miss Guided (band)
OMGOperazione Mato Grosso (Italian labor movement)
OMGOperations Managers Group (various organizations)
OMGObama Must Go
OMGOrganization Management Group (various locations)
OMGObject Model Guide
OMGObject Management Group
OMGOld Magazines (pulp and paper industry)
OMGOmnicom Media Group
OMGOh My Gods (for Wiccans/Pagans or other polytheistic religions)
OMGOh My Goth
OMGOutlaw Motorcycle Gang
OMGOne Man Gang
OMGOperation Market Garden (gaming)
OMGOh Em Gee (clothing business)
OMGOh My Goddess! (anime)
OMGOh My Gravy
OMGOne Mighty God
OMGOpen Management Group (computer industry consortium)
OMGOslo Marine Group (St. Petersburg, Russia)
OMGOrder of Mapungubwe (honor; South Africa)
OMGOcean Media Group (UK)
OMGOcular Myasthenia Gravis (Disease)
OMGOriginal Mac Games (contest)
OMGOh My Ghost
OMGOperational Maneuver Group
OMGOh My Gender
OMGOpen Messaging Gateway
OMGOnline Music Group
OMGOrder Management Group
OMGOsseo-Maple Grove (two city area in Minnesota)
OMGOversized Male Genital
OMGOverly Managed Garden
OMGOw, My Groin
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Seeing what he did selling in the streets just so he can make a living, fighting the way he did to become one of the highest-paid athletes in the entire world, having the Philippine flag tagged to him, which would be in the record books forever, oh my gosh, Julaton exclaimed.
OH my gosh, no one told me the US president was going to stroll past...
"He was just really nice to me, like 'Oh my gosh, you know I love tall women.' That's really what he said," the Politico quoted Leslie as saying in an interview with ESPN.
And I thought 'Oh my gosh!'" Contactmusic quoted her as telling the New York Daily News.
But the more I looked I thought, 'Oh my gosh they're drawings'.
The big Oh My Gosh shock Emmerdale was building up to would have been much improved if it had given her a sign to hold up saying: Yes, it's me - Nicola Blackstock!
"Oh my gosh iba talaga ang smile ni Kristel pag si Big Boss ang kasama...
"I'd be running around going, 'Oh my gosh. What do we do?'"
And he started singing, and that's when I was in tears, because that's when I realized, 'Oh my gosh! He is an entertainer,'' Tina said.
The singer recently released a song 'Oh My Gosh' remix, where she featured American rapper, Rick Ross.
After accepting the award, Close said, "Oh my gosh, I am so proud to be in this union," wrote The Hollywood Reporter.
"The name Oh So B came about because when I told people they said 'Oh my gosh it's so you'."