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OFGSOh for God's Sake
OFGSOhio Fruit Growers Society (now Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association; Columbus, OH)
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Instead, give them a tray of food, pills, lots of water and a flask of tea and then when they shout for something you are entirely justified for shouting "oh for God's sake, what now?" When you do enter the sickbay, ensure your mouth and nose are covered.
So there's an element of them going, 'Oh for God's sake! Here he is again, funny fella'."
As befits a guest of honour, Ruth was given one of the hotel's best suites, but any air of luxury was spoilt by an en suite with an avocado corner bath, which led the forthright expert to declare: "Oh for God's sake! Why do people ruin beautiful houses with this rubbish?"
Buster: "Oh for God's sake. Can't you keep my hand to yourself ...?"
I get the Hoover out and hear my own daughters saying 'Oh for God's sake!' precisely the way I used to."
'Oh for God's sake,' I hear some of you groan, 'He's like some kind of foodie Taleban who wants to ban ice cream vans now.'
'Some evenings you'd think "Oh for God's sake! I need to get some sleep!" It's like working in a sweetie shop, you can get a bit blasA'
Though scientists now think those strange undersea noises they've been monitoring all these years are actually killer whale dads whining: 'Oh for God's sake, can't you do something with that kid
During the most difficult times Gail, who worked as a childminder for 26 years, told herself: "Oh for God's sake just get on with it, woman!"
Our disillusioned rock chick moans that knowing her luck, and Glastonbury being Glastonbury, she'll find herself next to some boring middle-aged prat whining: 'Oh for God's sake, can't you turn it up...'