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OHELOxford History of English Literature
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A highlight this year was the popular art therapy, led by OHEL's Adina Druxman.
This is Silkiner's accomplishment in his Mul ohel Timmura [Before the tent of Timurah; 1910], the first long Hebrew composition to seriously confront America.
Many similarities can be found between Miriam Sharon's Ohel Ha'ela--Har Gilboa and various projects created by American feminist artists such as Ana Mendieta, Mary Beth Edelson, and Donna Henes.
(10.) Yaakov D, Ohel I, Levy A, Gershon H, Eyal S, Lack of prenatal care: an independent risk factor for perinatal mortality among macrosomic newborns.
Brightly illustrated with cheerful, colorful artwork, I Go to the Ohel is a picturebook designed especially to teach young Jewish children (or children of any other faith!) how to properly behave in the holy place and interact with the Rebbe.
Ohel C, Heiervang E, Rodriguez A, Heyerdahl S, Smedje H, Sourander A, et al.
Mandel (CEO, OHEL Children's Home and Family Services, New York) and Pelcovitz (Jewish education, pastoral psychology, Yeshiva U., New York) introduce a dozen essays that dispel myths and treat this issue from the perspectives of victims, religious law, and prevention.
Source E's Tent of Meeting ('ohel mo'ed) stood outside the camp, and a person seeking God would go out there.
Yet Pitter must have overcome any personal reticence to criticism since Lewis continued to ask her advice and opinions on his work, from 1946 through at least 1951; discussion of Lewis's poems in manuscript drops out of the epistolary dialogue in the early 1950s, in part due to Lewis's preoccupation with completing his volume of 'OHEL,' the Oxford History of English Literature.
HarEven has translated stage plays into Hebrew for Habima and Ohel theaters.
On this book see, e.g., Hayyim Lieberman, 'Ohel RaHeL, (New York, 1980), 8-11 (Hebrew).