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OHKAOasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited
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Tokyo Ohka and other materials makers grew hand in hand with electronics conglomerates NEC (6701.T), Toshiba (6502.T) and Hitachi (6501.T), the world's top chipmakers in the late 1980s.
The unit will change name to Yamanashi RPB Supply Company and will operate as part of Kodak's prepress solutions division, the buyer said in a press release.Country: , JapanSector: Consumer ProductsTarget: TOK's relief plates businessBuyer: Eastman Kodak CompanyVendor: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Company (TOK)Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Table 3 Principal Manufacturers of Semiconductor Materials Materials Manufacturers Polysilicon Hemlock (US), Tokuyama, Wacker (Germany), REC (Norway), Mitsubishi Materials Silicon wafer [Shin-Etsu], SUMCO, MEMC (US), Siltronic (Germany), Toshiba Ceramics Abradant Fujimi Reclaimed Mimasu Semiconductor Industry, polished wafer RASA Industries Photoresist [JSR], Tokyo Ohka, [Shin-Etsu], Sumitomo Chem., Rohm and Haas(US), AZ (Luxemburg) Lens for [Shin-Etsu] & Heraeus (Germany), photolithography Tosoh Mask substrate [Shin-Etsu], Tosoh, Toshiba Ceramics Pellicle Asahi Chem., Mitsui Chem., [Shin-Etsu] CMP slurry Cabot (US), Rohm and Haas, [JSR], Hitachi Chem., Fujimi CMP pad Rohm and Haas, [JSR] Low-k [JSR], Dow Chem.
Its unmistakable resemblance to the Imperial Japanese Navy's Ohka kamikaze aircraft piqued my interest.
Snow June 9, 1996 Indians Brian Anderson, Julian Tavarez Chili Davis August 21, 1996 Yankees Jimmy Key, Jeff Nelson Jeff DaVanon June 3, 2003 * Expos Tomo Ohka, Scott Stewart Jeff DaVanon June 4, 2003 * Expos Dan Smith, Joey Eischen Minnesota Twins Player Date Opponent Pitchers Roy Smalley May 30, 1986 Red Sox Rob Woodward, Joe Sambito Chili Davis October 2.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 23, 2006 - (JCN) - Tokyo Ohka Kogyo (TOK) announced on January 23 that it will expand the LCD material lineup of Chang Chun TOK (Changshu), a joint venture it established with Changchun Petrochemical of Taiwan in October 2004.
(40.) Komatsu N, Takata M, Otsuki N, Toyama T, Ohka R, Takehara K, et al.
MLB - Suspended Montreal RHP Tomo Ohka for six games and fined him an undisclosed amount and suspended Atlanta LHP Chris Hammond for three games for throwing at batters during a game on Sept.
Some of the war's last missions were flown by Type 1s--carrying the Ohka rocket-powered kamikaze flying bomb and initial Japanese peace envoys after the mid-August 1945 cease-fire.
After the blessing, children from Portland's Richmond Elementary sang to the travelers in Japanese, displays of Hakato dolls and Koishiware Yaki pottery from Fukuoka (pronounced fookoo OHka) surrounding them.
Initial returns on sales were high: 30 percent for the leader, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, and 15 percent for Shipley, another major player in 1980.