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OHREOffice of Human Radiation Experiments (US Department of Energy)
OHREOffice of Human Research Ethics (University of North Carolina)
OHREOffice of Human Resources and Education (US NASA)
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From these, OHRE compiled a database of the most critical 150,000 pages of photos and text, describing slightly more than 150 experiments, Weiss says.
Because OHRE scans in the files' text, on-line users can search any of the documents by typing in key words.
And for those not yet comfortable "surfing the 'net," paper copies of the same photos, memos, and reports await perusal at OHRE's headquarters in Washington, D.C., and its Coordination and Information Center in Las Vegas, Nev.
Based on the gathered data from the evaluation, the author of the stratigraphy assumes that the Xd chalkstones in the Roudnice region are an equivalent to the marlite of the same stratigraphy classification in the western part of the Ohre facies area.
Zahalka considers the Ohre area to be continuous lithologic and facies passage of arenaceous strata of the Jizera formation in the Polomene Mountains into the clay (marly clay) development of the same formation in the Roudnice and Poohri regions.
(CS) constitutes the largest mountain range lying within the graben of the Ohre Rift (Ulrych et al., 1998, 2002).
A detailed survey of the region started more than hundred years ago and brought basic knowledge of its tectonic setting (Hibsch, 1930): an integral idea of a graben--or subsided block (Senkungsfeld)--with SW-NE-striking fault systems: the Krusne hory Fault (Erzgebirgsbruch) in the NW and the Ohre Fault (Egerbruch) in the SE.
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