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OSRVOil Spill Response Vessel
OSRVOdontoglossum Ringspot Tobamovirus
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(1) an adequate number and type of oil spill response vessels documented under the laws of the United States cannot be engaged to recover oil from an oil spill in or near those waters in a timely manner, as determined by the Federal On-Scene Coordinator for a discharge or threat of a discharge of oil; and
With conventional response capabilities that include open-ocean mechanical recovery, controlled burning and aerial dispersants, MSRC's oil response toolkit includes responder-class oil spill response vessels (OSRVs), dual-purpose oil spill response barges and fast-advancing encounter systems in addition to skimming systems and containment booms.
Port of London Authority sent out two oil spill response vessels to remove some of the slick from the water before it reached the shore.
Oil spill response vessels, with several attendant workboats, containment boom, and recovery equipment, will be in the project area when drilling into subsurface liquid hydrocarbon-bearing formations.
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