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It was observed that Furnace Oil Treatment Plant (FOTP) was of low capacity (60%) as compared to the required measurement.
The strains in the amount of 114 g/kg, identified as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, were isolated from the gray forest soil contaminated by oil produced at Bastryk oil treatment plant (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia).
Petrobras Brazil fire kills two RIO DE JANEIRO: At least two people died after a fire broke out at a Petrobras oil treatment plant near the northeastern city of Maceio, the Brazilian state-controlled oil firm said.
UK project manager Mott McDonald was recently awarded a major contract to oversee construction on an oil treatment plant in Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates.
The Company implemented the following projects in 2014: Ejection unit was constructed and commissioned at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye field Oil Treatment Plant. The unit allowed to transport additional volume of APG to the gas processing facilities by means of the high pressure gas energy without using compressors.
The officials said that the furnace oil treatment plant was not part of the original procurement, therefore, an order was placed and delivery was expected within 3 months.
The APG utilization ratio reached 95% over the Company in absolute terms which is 16% above the previous year.Actual utilization of APG in 2014 was 93% due to scheduled shutdowns of the gas processing facilities for repair and routine maintenance.The Company implemented the following projects in 2014:Ejection unit was constructed and commissioned at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye field Oil Treatment Plant. The unit allowed to transport additional volume of APG to the gas processing facilities by means of the high pressure gas energy without using compressors.Gas pipeline from Fedyushkinskoye field oil treatment plant to Igolsko-Talovoye field Gas-Turbine Power Plant was put into commercial operation together with a compressor unit for APG purposes.
Tenders are invited for construction of oil treatment plant at kasargod electro mechanical works
Minister for Defence and Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that the Nandi Pur Power Project would be made functioning soon after converting its oil treatment plant to liquified natural gas.
Of process plants including oil treatment plants and vpd plants in trm bl.iii
Tenders Are Invited For Preventive/Breakdown Maintenance Of Vacuum Plants Including Vapour Phase Drying Plants And Oil Treatment Plants In Cpm,Bcm And Uhv Trm Bl.Iii