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OINOpen Invention Network
OINOutput or Input
OINOpérations d'Intérêt National (French: Operations of National Interest)
OINOriginator's Identification Number (direct debit identification number)
OINOuter Info Network (advertising supported software)
OINOther Items Net
OINOffice for Immigration and Nationality (Hungary)
OINOtaniemi International Network (Finland)
OINOrganization of Imperial Nations (Cyber Nations alliance)
OINOrona Innovation Network (Spain)
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The OIN license can be signed online at http://www.
Apart from Reliance and Infosys, not many well-known Indian companies are part of OIN.
Today, OIN regularly updates its Linux definitions -- the list of packages that the licensee network agrees not to fight over with patents.
OIn the past months, we held intensive talks with the airport to reach a solution acceptable for both sides,O Air Berlin Chief Executive Officer Hartmut Mehdorn said in the statement.
oin us for this Educational Dinner Session to support the ONF: The Oklahoma Nurses Foundation encourages research projects and other scholarly endeavors.
She goes on to explain that although morphine does not have the limitation of a maximum dose like many other analgesics, sometimes OIN occurs.
The process of fixing the personal ID in the electronic system continues in the office of the wali till Monday, then the team will head for the Omani Woman Association to complete its duty in the Wilayat of Sohar which will end oin 'Wednesday' February 2nd.
BE IN THE KNOW Paul Hanagan exclusive Also next week Tuesday All the latest news from the yard of Gold Cup hero Imperial Commander Wednesday David Ashforth examines racing's case for greater financial input from the betting industry And next Saturday It's Racing Post Trophy Day - join us for the best coverage MONDAY An unmissable eight-page pullout with everything you need to know about the Pond House team for the new season TOMORROW The jockey of the moment talks candidly to Brough Scott about his draining quest for the championship Plus Tom Segal with the day's best bets in Britain and Ireland And Alastair Down's Champions Day verdict Plus Robert Thornton's superb column David Pipe Stable Tour oin
oIn addition to securing significant growth, the company has also undertaken major expansion initiatives which have expanded its market reach further across the region, as well as to India, one of the worldAEs fastest-growing economies,o the company said in a statement.
oIn these seven years, the number of HIV cases grew seven fold from 50 to 450.
Rodanov confirmed that at the last contact the crews oin board the "The Asian Glory" and the chemical tanker "St James Park" were in good health and had good supplies of water and food.
lt;p>The Open Invention Network (OIN), whose members include IBM and Red Hat, is set to purchase a set of 22 patents once held by Microsoft from Allied Security Trust, (AST) sources close to the OIN confirmed Tuesday following a report in The Wall Street Journal.