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1: the left part is an OLAP recommendation system which has been deployed on the Jetty web container that invokes the API of the Big Cube System to execute OLAP queries while the right part is used for providing the OLAP engine to return the result of an OLAP query in a very short time.
They are refreshed every five seconds (by default) so that any OLAP query routed to them will get reasonably current data.
This tool semantically parses the NL query(Manning, 2011), (Cer et al., 2010) and maps to OLAP query. Drawbacks of this system are mapping details for a specific query is not provided, absence of technical element in the schema, ambiguity in mapping the value, incomplete query, dimension/attribute containing value, Performance and accuracy analysis is not performed.
-- Relational and OLAP query and analysis for both Oracle and non-Oracle environments;
The company has been busy loading up its portfolio of products; in July last year it bought Acta Technology Inc for $65m to add extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities to its existing portfolio of OLAP query and analysis tools and packaged applications.
The Minneapolis-based organization has started work on developing Linux versions of its Balanced Scorecard and the OLAP Query reporting and forecasting software that makes up its Business Intelligence software.
The platform will include just about every tool within the datawarehousing market space: extraction transformation and loading (ETL) capabilities; an OLAP server; cube creation; an OLAP query tool and reporting tool; an over-riding meta data movement infrastructure; and data mining.