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OGBOld Government Building
OGBOXFAM Great Britain
OGBOld Gold and Black (newspaper; Wake Forest University; Winston-Salem, NC)
OGBOkinawa General Bureau (Japan)
OGBOpen Gastric Bypass
OGBOnGuard Backup (Palm)
OGBOptimized Gun Barrel
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One stray burial outside the defined range of recent studies was a body discovered on 105th Street "near the old government buildings" (present day Terrace Building) and "four lots up from the corner on 97th Avenue." The skeleton was particularly remarkable in that the skull contained a set of jaws with full, double rows of teeth.
LIVING HISTORY: Gibraltar's Old Government Building; FIERCE: Apes on the Rock bite
Within this 4,500-hectare wide museum are authentic replicas of a traditional mountain village, fishing village, marketplace, botanical garden, old government buildings, and a holy place where actual religious rites are performed.
Old government buildings on the outskirts of Kamareddy town have been turned into offices for the collectors and the superintendent of police.
He said the government would also seek the help of Japanese construction experts in retrofitting old government buildings and structures to make them stronger and resilient to major earthquakes.
Abqaiq has a 500-year-old salt mine that is still in operation, while Uqair has several old government buildings and the ruined customs house, once an important Portuguese port and caravan terminus.
When Woking's program began in the early 1990s, the motivation was not emissions reductions but to save money by improving the energy efficiency of the burough's old government buildings.