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OTOccupational Therapist
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OTOperación Triunfo
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OTOpen Top
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OTOberer Totpunkt (German: Top Dead Center)
OTOuachita Trail
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OTOrquesta Típica (Spanish: Typical Orchestra)
OTOffice Terminal (GTE)
OTOwnership Transition
OTObserver Trainer (military exercises)
OTOpportunity Taken
OTOkinawa-Te (martial art style)
OTOptical Tracker
OTOrascom Telecom Holding SAE (stock symbol)
OTThe Overthere (Everquest)
OTOregon Trunk Railway
OTNew York to Netherlands West Indies (routing designation; US Navy)
OTOrchestra Toronto (Canada)
OTOrganisasi Terlarang (Indonesian: prohibited organization)
OTOperational Threshold
OTOriginal Tracing
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OTOperational Test/ing
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OT(USN Rating) Ocean Systems Technician
OTAruba or Curaçoa to Northwest Africa (routing designation; US Navy)
OTCuraçoa to Trinidad (routing designation; US Navy)
OTOsservatorio Astronomico de Torino (Italian)
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The lesson consisted of learning by heart several verses out of the Gospel and the repetition of the beginning of the Old Testament.
But his father did not make him repeat it, and passed on to the lesson out of the Old Testament.
Evidently this daughter of the Cavaliers met a rude disillusionment in Milton's Puritan household and in his Old Testament theory of woman's inferiority and of a wife's duty of strict subjection to her husband; a few weeks after the marriage she fled to her family and refused to return.
Ah," said Adam, "I like to read about Moses best, in th' Old Testament.
This is Ahab, that's Jezebel," said Evie, who was one of those who name animals after the less successful characters of Old Testament history.
After that there was a general sound of pages being turned as if they were in class, and then they read a little bit of the Old Testament about making a well, very much as school boys translate an easy passage from the
Exploring how 20th-century Christian theologies of the Old Testament deal with history, Slama discusses the genre of Old Testament theology; what history is; theology of the Old Testament as history of religions; theology of the Old Testament as a philosophy of history; on the Catholic front: a struggle over history; against the tyranny of history: its beginning between the wars; theology of the Old Testament as a historical confession; when history reveals theology; in search of a theology of the Jewish Bible; history of religions once more; and against the tyranny of history: a post-modern sequel.
She is a past president of the Catholic Biblical Association, and the author of many books including Women in the Old Testament, and Numbers in the New Collegeville Bible Commentary, as well as Old Testament editor of the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible, all published by Liturgical Press.
By what Jesus goes on to say in Matthew, we see that he gets to the heart of the matter God addresses through the moral law of the Old Testament and calls his followers to live by this standard.
Professor Jan Joosten: Professor Joosten (55) has been Professor of Old Testament Exegesis at the University of Strasbourg since 2004, before which he was Professor of Biblical Philology (1994-2004).
Roth has pointed out that the major early texts of Swiss Anabaptism--including the letter of Conrad Grebel and associates to Thomas Miintzer of September 1524, Felix Mantz's protestation to the Zurich Council of December 1524, and the concordance found in the possession of the Anabaptist preacher Hans Krusi in eastern Switzerland in the early summer of 1525 (a collection that seems to have originated with Conrad Grebe')--all contain references to the Old Testament as well as the New.
Anglo-Saxon poets adopted Old Testament narratives in order to make sense of their own political and religious situation, says Zacher.