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OBNOld Boys Network (various locations)
OBNOverseas Business Network (UK)
OBNOutcomes-Based Network (Coventry Workers' Comp Services; Florida)
OBNOff Board Navigation
OBNOklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (Oklahoma)
OBNOklahoma Board of Nursing
OBNOhio Board of Nursing
OBNOpen Broadcast Network (Bosnia & Herzegovina wide television network)
OBNOpen Business Network
OBNOpen Bibliotheek Netwerk
OBNOrder of the Brown Nose
OBNOcean Basin Narrative
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"(Mr McCain) said he would take on the old boys network in Washington.
She shot back that Manley was part of the old boys network. She refrained from labelling him A Sexist Piglet, a magnificent bit of restraint that only made me admire her more.
I don't expect him to be appointed - he's the opposite of the FA's old boys network. But as the hierarchy have tried "Mr Clean" in Hoddle why not go for "Mr Personality" instead?
It's still the good old boys network. The bottom line is that male voices are valued more than women's voices" - Martina Navratilova on learning that John McEnroe reportedly gets paid 10 times more than her as a Wimbledon commentator.
"The old boys network might be gone but it is replaced with a new boys network.
I am only hearing 'bah humbug' from the friends of the old boys network in the media and political village and for some reason it is suddenly undemocratic to bar Ken from his job for a month.