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OMRTOldham Mountain Rescue Team (UK)
OMRTOchils Mountain Rescue Team (UK)
OMRTOperations and Maintenance Responsibility Transfer (US DoD)
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The Oldham Mountain Rescue team dug the man out, filling the void with heather as they went.
The Oldham Mountain Rescue team began digging the man out of the peat bog and filling the void with heather as they progressed.
Staff from the Oldham Mountain Rescue team have teamed up with police to search the area for the 51-year-old.
Mick Neild, who has spent more than half his life on the moor as leader of Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, says: "Even if Brady does not remember the location where he buried the lad he knows which side the road he's on.
Matt Neild, Oldham Mountain Rescue team leader, said: "We got the call at about 2pm.
We often work with Calder Valley SRT, Oldham Mountain Rescue Team and Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team, providing mutual support when extra resources are required.
Oldham Mountain Rescue Team Leader, Mick Nield, said the team was happy to show the Australians how they helped save lives on this side of the world.
A team from Oldham Mountain Rescue Team - backed up by Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team - went to help him.
We were joined by members of the Oldham mountain rescue team and the two ambulance service paramedics, and guided to the scene by local gamekeeper Doug Breton.
Oldham Mountain Rescue Team was also there, developing a search plan for the tunnel to ensure that in a real emergency no casualties would be missed.
The safety of the competitors was ensured by the presence of the Holme Valley and Oldham Mountain Rescue teams.