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O/LOn Line
O/LOpen Loop
O/LOrdinary Level
O/LOleic to Linoleic (acid ratio)
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MUFA to PUFA ratio and oleic to linoleic acid ratio were influenced by treatment and year and by their interaction.
The highest rates in MUFA to PUFA and oleic to linoleic acid corresponded to legume, 23 and 27%, respectively, while Brachypodium had the lowest, 21 and 25%, respectively.
The ratios of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids and oleic to linoleic acids were also computed however not included in the analysis of variance.
Ratio of oleic to linoleic acids: For the ratio of oleic to linoleic fatty acids the parental cultivars and F3 populations ranged from 0.16 to 0.41% and 0.13 to 0.35% respectively (Table 5).
Half of the oils also have their oleic to linoleic acid ratio to be greater than 1.
[2.] Tai YP Inheritance of oleic to linoleic acid ratio in peanuts, Arachis hypogaea L.
49%), and significantly higher oleic to linoleic fatty acid ratio (3.1 vs.
Oleic to linoleic fatty acid (O/L) ratio was 1.2:1.4.
Robertson and Thomas (1976) reported that oil with higher ratios of oleic to linoleic acid retains its quality longer in the seed or as oil.
The ratio of oleic to linoleic acid in the fatty acid profile of Gregory was significantly higher than other virginia-type cultivars tested except NC 7 (1.89 vs.
The NIRS spectra of 20 achenes with high linoleic acid concentrations (mean ratio of oleic to linoleic acid = 0.14), 20 achenes with similar concentrations of both fatty acids (mean ratio = 0.97), and 20 achenes with high oleic acid concentration (mean ratio = 58.8) were selected and the second derivative average spectrum was calculated within each group in order to discern spectral differences associated with changes in the levels of both fatty acids.
(1997) reported that the larger polyunsaturate contents of PI 424031 progeny were associated with greater desaturation from oleic to linoleic acid.