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OLTUOptic Line Terminal Unit
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For example, programs on oltu stone working and rug weaving were launched, under the income generation component, upon the proposal of participants.
Contract Awarded for Erzurum Cat, Ispir, KE[micro]prE-kE[micro]y, Nar Financing, Oltu, Be Irrigation District Facilities Made In.
The minister also said that 713 inmates who were imprisoned at the Van M-type prison had to be transferred to other correctional facilities in Amasya, Bafra, Bitlis, Elazyy-, Erzurum, GE-mE-E-hane, MuE-, Oltu, Rize, Trabzon, ErciE- and GevaE-.
Their clay minerals originated from the alteration of Eocene calc-alkaline islandarc volcanics, mainly from pyroclastics (trachite and andesite flow) which form the basement for the Oltu depression (Kalkan and Bayraktutan, 2008).
Contract Awarded for Narman - Oltu - Teries Senkaya County District Various Ways of the First and Second Floor Surface Covering Works.