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OOfficer (military)
OOperator (telephone)
OOut (baseball)
ONew Orleans, Louisiana (mint mark)
OOscar (aviation letter code)
OOffensive (Catholic movie rating)
OOrtho (Benzene)
OOrder of Magnitude (computer algorithms)
OOtis (Redding)
OImmediate (logging abbreviation)
OOscar Robertson (former NBA player)
OOprah (magazine)
OOuest (French: west)
OObservation (US military aircraft designation; as in O-1)
OOrthogonal (mathematics)
OObstacle (course)
ODefensive Team (sports/coaching)
OOmikron (German: Omicron; 15th letter of the Greek alphabet)
OOberst (German)
OOver to You (radio communications)
OMorally Offensive (Catholic movie rating)
OOrigin Server (Internet)
OOrganized Naval Reserve (US Navy)
OOptional Levels (board test for high schoolers, UK)
OOfficer of Operations (US Navy)
OOhne Hauch (antigen)
OOst/Osten (German: East)
OMeasurement of Cloud Cover
OToy train railroad gauge (2 1/4 inch wide, originated in Germany)
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IN MERSEY | Atlantic Sea, a container vessel coming from Belgium and sailing on to the US; Vega Omikron, a container vessel coming from the Netherlands and sailing on to France; Sagasbank, a general cargo vessel coming from Spain; and Silver Whisper, a cruise vessel.
"I created my first video game -- Omikron: The Nomad Soul -- and it was really a video game based on the paradigms of video games.
but they are addicts--over 52% claim they couldn't last a week without social media." (Prompt Communications study, cited in Omikron Media, 2009).
La tradition manuscrite du FC a deux branches, dont l'une finit au milieu de la lettre omikron, oo le ms.
He is now co-CEO of Quantic Dream with Guillaume de Fondaumiere, and previously offered two thriller games revolving around serial killers, Omikron: The Nomad Soul (1999) and Fahrenheit (2005).
Renamed Shibl Noofa in Saudi, Amore Do Pobre is one of four Jerry Barton-trained runners in the 15-strong field alongside Medici - who races under his Chilean name - Omikron (Al Oq Howaan) and Joe Louis (Kheriaimes) who won this race in 2008.
In addition, EastNets manages a vast reseller partner network across the globe including: Alliance Factors in Russia; ASL in Hong Kong; BCG in Panama; Blitz in Vietnam; Cambridge Solutions in India; Comas in South Korea; FL Sistem in Croatia; Financeware in Brazil; NCS in China; NewGens in Singapore; Omikron in Hungary; Perago in South Africa; Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation in Japan; SMA in the United Kingdom; and VenSys in Indonesia.
David Bowie launched Omikron: The Nomad Soul earlier this month.
Omikron has attempted to take that one step further, using Intelligence Adventure Management to provide any solution the player can think up to achieve his ends.
Bowie wrote and recorded the soundtrack for Omikron - The Nomad Soul, and even found time to appear in the game.
In the opening line Wollaston ridicules the addressee who obviously mistook the Greek letter "omikron" for a Greek "omega," a peculiarity of the Greek language having two "O"s.
One day, unexpectedly, a child saw the Omikron as blue and the Epsilon as white through the haze of Oise and of the Catholic Latin, meaning that he was able to identify the "Time of Assassins" a whole century before we were forced to live it.