OMRAOther Medicare Required Assessment (US DHHS)
OMRAOregon Motorcycle Riders Association
OMRAOuter Mission Residents Association (San Francisco, CA)
OMRAOffshore Model Racing Association (UK model boat racing club)
OMRAOptimal Matrix Rational Approximation
OMRAOriental Medicine Research Advancement
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Un tarif qui depasse celui de la omra par personne.
Second, if the date listed in A2400C is on or after day seven of the COT observation period, then a COT OMRA is required if all other conditions are met.
NNA - Hezbollah's withdrawal from Syria is a prime basis of partnership, Future Bloc parliamentarian Muhammad Mashnouq told a meeting of the Saudi-Lebanese Firm for Pilgrimage and Out of Season Omra pilgrimage at Aisha Bakkar-based Society of Child Care today.
21, from Beit Omra village, west of Yatta, to the south of Hebron, in the southern West Bank, who was killed by strangulation as well, was brought to Abu al-Hassan al-Qasem Hospital in Yatta.
Il est recommande de reporter le hajj et la Omra cette annee pour les personnes agees et celles souffrant de maladies chroniques comme le diabete, les problemes respiratoires, les maladies affectant le coeur et les reins, les personnes atteintes d'immunodeficience, les femmes enceintes et les enfants", precise le ministere saoudien de la sante.
The popular pair, currently battling it out in Season 5 of aACAyNach Baliye', will be in town for the launch of fashion brands Sibani, Omra and Jag Kaur's at JYK Fashion House.
AlHaram has one of the highest demand rates especially in Hajj and Omra seasons.
More than six million visitors from across the world visit Mecca every year for the Haj and Omra pilgrimages.
There are 4,735 tourism enterprises in the Palestinian Territory, distributed as follows: 2,869 restaurants; 1,325 in the retail sale of souvenirs, 196 in the manufacture of wooden antiques, handicrafts and religious articles; 131 travel agency activities, 82 short-term accommodation activities; 66 in passenger road transport by scheduled long-distance bus services and rental and operational leasing of passenger cars (without drivers); and 66 in the provision of visitor assistance services and haj and omra operator activities, said the PCBS report.
The increase in last quarter's passenger traffic was mainly driven by Eid and summer holidays, Omra, the inauguration of new airlines and the frequency increases and new destinations, ADAC said in a statement.
He was arrested while on his way to Saudi Arabia to perform the omra, Lebanon's al-Akhbar daily reported Thursday.
Summary: Eight Kuwaitis have tested positive for swine flu on their return from an Omra pilgrimage to Mecca and have been admitted to hospital, the Kuwaiti health ministry announced on Tuesday.