OMRAOther Medicare Required Assessment (US DHHS)
OMRAOregon Motorcycle Riders Association
OMRAOuter Mission Residents Association (San Francisco, CA)
OMRAOffshore Model Racing Association (UK model boat racing club)
OMRAOptimal Matrix Rational Approximation
OMRAOriental Medicine Research Advancement
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No discontinuation of therapy services (planned or unplanned discontinuation of all rehabilitation therapies for three or more consecutive days) occurred between Day 1 of the COT observation period for the COT OMRA that classified the resident into his/her current non-therapy RUG-IV group and the ARD of the COT OMRA that reclassified the resident into a RUG-IV therapy group.
The Civil Defence Department said in a statement that its crews had dealt with an accident involving the collision of a bus carrying Israeli Arab pilgrims who were heading home after performing Omra (minor pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia.
The popular pair, currently battling it out in Season 5 of aACAyNach Baliye', will be in town for the launch of fashion brands Sibani, Omra and Jag Kaur's at JYK Fashion House.
AlHaram has one of the highest demand rates especially in Hajj and Omra seasons.
More than six million visitors from across the world visit Mecca every year for the Haj and Omra pilgrimages.
Entretien fructueux En visite actuellement en Arabie saoudite oE il a accompli la omra (petit pelerinage), le president de la Republique a indique avoir eu un entretien "fructueux" avec le roi Abdallah, notamment sur "la stabilite regionale", a rapporte hier jeudi l'agence officielle saoudienne (SPA) apres une rencontre tard mercredi soir entre les deux dirigeants arabes.
The Committee has decided to develop an action plan to meet with some officials at the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs and some offices concerned with conducting pilgrimage and Omra campaigns, as well as procedures and regulations imposed by concerned authorities and how far they fit with the citizen's financial and social capabilities.
Maleiha's priceless treasures include evidence of some pre-Islamic gods "Wd", "Khahal", "Musnd" and old names like "Obaida bin Ows", "Wahab Alat", Omra Al Shams written in Aramaic language from Hatra in Iraq and the Arabic language in South Arabia.
There are 4,735 tourism enterprises in the Palestinian Territory, distributed as follows: 2,869 restaurants; 1,325 in the retail sale of souvenirs, 196 in the manufacture of wooden antiques, handicrafts and religious articles; 131 travel agency activities, 82 short-term accommodation activities; 66 in passenger road transport by scheduled long-distance bus services and rental and operational leasing of passenger cars (without drivers); and 66 in the provision of visitor assistance services and haj and omra operator activities, said the PCBS report.
The increase in last quarter's passenger traffic was mainly driven by Eid and summer holidays, Omra, the inauguration of new airlines and the frequency increases and new destinations, ADAC said in a statement.
Thus construction projects, plans to buy agricultural land or cattle and also to get married or even perform the Omra (minor pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia all depend on Libyan dinars.
Director of National Museum in Kabul, Omra Khan Masoudi, confirmed the former Pakistani interior minister had smuggled some relics out of Afghanistan.