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OMRIOpen Media Research Institute
OMRIOpen Media Research Institute (Washington, DC; Czech Republic; 1994-1997)
OMRIOrganic Materials Research Institute
OMRIOverhauser Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Continue reading "How Omri Casspi, the NBA's Israeli Warrior, Survived Eight Lean Years in the Wilderness" at.
Dr Omri, 34, asked wife Dr Hajer Kraiem to get to British victim Gina Van Dort, of Watford, who was clinging to her husband Chris's lifeless body.
Cofounders Omri Mor and Justin Myers launched Ziibra in 2013.
During his presentation, Mohamed-Salah Omri spoke about himself as a "multiple implied reader" for the LAL volumes: as a teacher, as a native speaker, and as a scholar.
The concert included a number of Om Kolthoum classics such as "Hayarti Qalbi Ma'ak (You Confused My Heart)", "Inta Omri (You Are My Life)" and "Hajartak (I Left You).
Author Omri Moses (Associate Professor of English, Concordia University) questions why modern society seems to favor unchanging, static characters over dynamic, evolving characters--why do we value consistency so highly?
and Ayman Darajmeh, Musab al-Sabri, Samer al-Shawa, Sajid Khatatba, Shehab Mazhar, Bashir Omri, Raed Khalil, Waleed al-Sharif, Mohammad Shuraitah, Hashem Rajoub, Rasim Ismail, Mohammad Romaneh, Hani Ziad Alohadi, Ghassan Ibrahim Zawahra, Mohammad Abu Zaid and Firas Abu Saraj.
Omri Epstein's left hand proved to be a formidable musical weapon, playing alternately with power and sensitivity.
Mileguir will replace Omri Gelb who served Top Image Systems in various positions over 13 years.
However, due to an inconsistency in the Bible, there is a controversy over the exact placement of Athaliah in the genealogy of the Omride family: some passages in the Bible seem to imply that her father was Omri, yet in other passages it seems that Ahab was her father.
Actualites Eecrit par Omri Ezrati Notre ami Omri Ezrati, journaliste et chroniqueur litteraire a traverse une periode difficile, menant un combat contre un mal insidieux.
No thanks to glowing plants Omri Amirav-Drory is a menace to dark skies ("A glowing green thumb," SN: 8/24/13, p.