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OSWFon Site Work Force
OSWFOn-Site Workforce
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As BMW entered 2008, the number of on-site workforce, including BMW associates and contract workers, grew to more than 5,400 with a total payroll of more than $450 million annually.
Lord Jones, Trade and Investment Minister, was joined by other leading figures from the metals industry where he unveiled a plaque to commemorate the occasion in front of a 50-strong on-site workforce and other colleagues from around the group.
Extra workers have been drafted in as the deadline approaches, with the on-site workforce rising from 330 to more than 500 last week at the pounds 113million development in Rowleys Green.
Prospective tenant Deepwater Wind will work with the partnership to establish an on-site workforce center to serve as a critical piece of green infrastructure.
The project proponent estimates that if approved, the Palen project will employ approximately 700 individuals during the projects peak, with an average construction-related, on-site workforce of more than 175 individuals, including 12 full-time staff members.
UCC recognises that it is only as effective as its on-site workforce, and is pleased to say that every single person has embraced the importance of health and safety during their everyday activities.