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OJTOn-The-Job Training
OJTon the Job Training
OJTOrgan Jazz Trio (Ken Lovern)
OJTOffice de Justification des Tirages (predecessor of OJD)
OJTOn-the-Job Teacher (education model; workplace literacy)
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These two occupations also typically require up to 1 year of on-the-job training, which is more preparation than workers in the other occupations in chart 1 need in order to attain competency.
Drywall finishers gain their training through formal apprenticeship programs or develop their skills through on-the-job training.
"By requiring participants to attend school full-time, they gain an understanding of the field and the job before completing any of their on-the-job training hours.
"The Bayt.com 'On-The-Job Training in the Middle East and North Africa' poll has allowed us to collate information on what MENA professionals believe is important when it comes to their learning and training options.
Perhaps influencing the overall perception of on-the-job training as a necessity in the workplace, the Bayt.com poll found that more than three quarters (77.3 per cent) of respondents' workplaces provide training and development opportunities, and 83 per cent agree that most entry-level jobs have a strong programme for training and development in place for the employee.
The two-year courses offer a mix of theory and practical course work with on-the-job training leading to the development of qualified professionals for ready employment.
Schools must include as part of their course offerings, an on-the-job training program to equip the students with the necessary work qualifications and competencies.
As Roy Williams, employment coordinator at Helena, explained: "Real on-the-job training is vital to securing sustainable employment.
As the employer, you must induct your apprentice into their role and provide on-the-job training. You are responsible for paying your apprentice's wages and issuing their contract of employment.
They also told him and the company that they were eligible for WorkSource Lane's on-the-job training program.
On-the-job training is also offered both in Oman and abroadfor employees to gain firsthand- experience and learn from their peers at different sites around the world.