OnSETTOntario Society for Excellence in Technology Transfer (Toronto, ON, Canada)
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Bleu du Maine PS98 Lawesknowe Greyface PS95 Unthank, PS93 Lawesknowe, PS87 Oswie & Nether Onsett.
3p Burnshall, 191p Killegruer and High Airyolland, 188p Culquhasen, 187p Nether Onsett.
Greyface PS97 Nether Onsett, PS93 Oswie, PS90 Mid Dargavel, PS89 Nether Onsett, PS87 Riggfoot and Gibbs Hill.
BULLOCKS (PER HEAD) Limousin PS1,428, PS1,357, PS1,324 Nether Onsett.