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OFDOberfinanzdirektion (German; Regional Tax Office)
OFDOnline Fraud Detection (various companies)
OFDOptical Frequency Division
OFDObjectview Form Definition
OFDOpen File Dialog
OFDOracle Financing Division
OFDover Filtered Data
OFDOpen Flash Debugger
OFDOracle Forms Developer
OFDOrofaciodigital Syndrome
OFDOpen for Discussion
OFDOne Fine Day
OFDOregon Freeze Dry, Inc.
OFDOrthogonal Frequency Division
OFDOmaha Fire Department (Omaha, NE)
OFDOffice for the Disabled (various locations)
OFDOff Fixture Display
OFDOriginally From Dorchester
OFDOut For Delivery
OFDOccipital Frontal Diameter
OFDOlympia Fire Department (Olympia, WA)
OFDOne Finger Discount
OFDOmurilik Felclileri Dernegi (Turkey)
OFDOptimum Free Distance
OFDOver-Flow Drain
OFDOne Function Diagram
OFDOptical Fire Detector
OFDOrganisation for Friendship in Diversity (Malta; est. 2009)
OFDOpportunity for Defect (software development)
OFDOperational Flying Duty
OFDOnline Finance Database
OFDOperations Flow Diagram
OFDOutgoing Funding Document
OFDObsessive Fangirl Disorder (animation)
References in classic literature ?
One fine day two Crabs came out from their home to take a stroll on the sand.
And one fine day, when the hollyhocks were in full bloom, he came back to Puddleby a rich man, to live in the little house with the big garden.
I do not know how this really happened, yet the fact remains that one fine day this piece of wood found itself in the shop of an old carpenter.
So the weeks passed on, till one fine day there came a letter addressed to Dr.
"And I tell you what, Katia," he went on to his younger daughter, "you must wake up one fine day and say to yourself: Why, I'm quite well, and merry, and going out again with father for an early morning walk in the frost.
Man began by walking on all-fours; then, one fine day, on two feet; then in a carriage; then in a stage-coach; and lastly by railway.
One fine day Tess and 'Liza-Lu worked on here with their neighbours till the last rays of the sun smote flat upon the white pegs that divided the plots.
de Mazarin, in exchange for Percerin supplying him with a full suit of ceremonial vestments as cardinal, one fine day slipped letters of nobility into his pocket.
Through July they had one fine day after another; it was very hot; and the heat, searing Philip's heart, filled him with languor; he could not work; his mind was eager with a thousand thoughts.
"And one fine day the creature plunges, carrying with it all the inhabitants to the bottom of the sea."
But one fine day I learned that the mover of this telegraph was only a poor wretch, hired for twelve hundred francs a year, and employed all day, not in studying the heavens like an astronomer, or in gazing on the water like an angler, or even in enjoying the privilege of observing the country around him, but all his monotonous life was passed in watching his white-bellied, black-clawed fellow insect, four or five leagues distant from him.
One fine day, having strolled out together, arm in arm, our route led us in the direction of a river.