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OSMOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Sales Manager
OSMOpen Street Map
OSMOffice of Surface Mining (US government)
OSMOpenstreetmap (free editable online world map)
OSMOn Site Management (various locations)
OSMOrchestre Symphonique de Montréal (French: Montreal Symphonic Orchestra)
OSMOccupational Safety Management (various organizations)
OSMOpen Source Matters
OSMOncostatin M
OSMOrder and Service Management (Oracle)
OSMOriginal Storage Manufacturer
OSMOptical Scroll Mouse
OSMOff Screen Model
OSMOutlook Security Manager
OSMOnline System Manager
OSMon Site Maintenance
OSMOpen Source Middleware
OSMOutput Switch Matrix
OSMOpen Source Migrations
OSMOut of Sequence Mode
OSMOptical Services Module
OSMOptiswitch Master
OSMOperating System Memory
OSMOptical Storage Manager
OSMObject Space Modifier
OSMOpen Study Model (Honda)
OSMOff-Site Manufacturing
OSMOne Saturday Morning (TV program)
OSMOperating Systems and Middleware (computing)
OSMOn Screen Menu
OSMOutsourced Sales and Marketing
OSMOregon Steel Mills, Inc.
OSMOffice of Spectrum Management
OSMOptical Switch Module
OSMOns Soort Mensen (Dutch: people like us; opposite of VN)
OSMOperational Service Medal (UK)
OSMOrganisation Science and Marketing (various locations)
OSMOptical Service Module (Cisco Systems)
OSMOperations Support Manager
OSMOrder of St. Michael (chivalric order)
OSMOne Square Meal (Brand)
OSMOrder of the Secret Monitor
OSMOperating System Service Module
OSMOrchid Society of Minnesota
OSMOverseas Students Mission (Charlottesville, VA)
OSMObject System Mapping
OSMOf Smoke And Mirrors (band)
OSMOil, Smoke and Mirrors (movie on 911 and Peak Oil)
OSMOutput Space Mapping
OSMOmni Spectra, M/A-Com (Rf Connector)
OSMOceanographic Society of Maldives
OSMOrder of the Servants of Mary, Servites (religious order)
OSMOff-Site Meeting
OSMOffice Space Management
OSMOffice of Safety Management
OSMThe Original SoupMan (Staten Island, NY; est. 1984)
OSMOptical Strength Meter
OSMOptical Service Manager (Lucent)
OSMOffice of Safety and Mission Assurance (NASA)
OSMOutput Signal Management
OSMOperating System Manual
OSMOptical Selector Mechanism
OSMOrdinis Servorum/Servarum Mariae (Latin: Order of Servants of Mary)
OSMOral Satisfaction Market
OSMOptical Surveillance Measure
OSMOperations Support Medical
OSMOperating Speed Model
OSMOperational Satcom Manager
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This addresses another highlight of recent research: while at least one square meal a day is important for all of us, isolated elderly people too often neglect themselves when it comes to eating well.
India is a poor country and we all know that eighty per cent of the people living in India do not even get one square meal.
He said the programme which involved the disbursement of N5000 bimonthly to the households, was meant to among other things ensure that the beneficiaries could afford one square meal per day.
Some were taking only one square meal a day while the others, especially the elderly, had two square meals per day.
As a teenager, when I think about the topic "food wastage" it makes me think, "Am I putting thought to my food when most of the population can't afford [to eat one square meal a day]?
I do not wish to patronize her but asked myself how is it that our affluent societies not only here but everywhere in Europe do not manage to offer everyone in need one square meal per day without the necessity of them going around asking for money?
But, in search of one square meal a day for his family, would that man on the street have the time to seek justice under Right to Food?
Where are the victims of our uneven distribution of wealth to go if not to places that hold the only hope of affording them at least one square meal a day?
Living in a single room in Deira, the family now struggles to get even one square meal a day.
But 168,000 children in families earning more than PS135 a week are likely to lose out on the one square meal a day they get now.
There are over 600 million people below the poverty line today who are unable to scrape (up) one square meal," said BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain.
India calculates how much of its population is living below the poverty line by checking whether families can afford one square meal a day that meets minimum nutrition needs.