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OYATMOne Year Ago This Month
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One year ago this month, Isom was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where her doctors discovered the rare disease causing her hair follicles to produce nails instead of hair.
AT THE risk of repeating myself to Jean Evans (YouSay, October 22), who has been a regular correspondent with me and to whom I replied in your pages one year ago this month on the same issue, I am doing all I can to resolve the parking problem in Heath Park.
One year ago this month, President Obama signed the landmark Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also called the Dodd-Frank Act, into law.
Exactly one year ago this month, the greatest opportunity of my grocery career presented itself.
He secretly shot "Voices" not long before the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his administration's bloody crackdown of the anti-government protests that exploded one year ago this month. Geramifard does not know when it will be safe to go back.
One year ago this month, mother Vickie Morgan found her 17-year old daughter Morgan standing cold and lifeless in her bedroom.
The bout, the league's second since it formed one year ago this month, is a rematch between AndromeDolls and Church of Sk8'n.
One year ago this month the Village of Canajoharie, NY, was under water, hard hit by the first flood in over 100 years that devastated this community's downtown businesses.
Former Cool FM presenter Joe Ferguson turned his back on Northern Ireland one year ago this month after his quirky sense of humour made him enemies as well as fans.
It was one year ago this month that the first issue of California CPA rolled off the presses and landed in your mailbox.
Launched one year ago this month, Warren's Washington Internet Daily joined such venerable Warren Communications News titles as the 1945 founded Television Digest and Television & Cable Action Update (now combined into Television Digest with Consumer Electronics and Television & Cable Action Update) and the 1981-founded Communications Daily.
The bipartisan legislation makes important investments in Wisconsins veterans, including full funding for the Jason Simcakoski Memorial and Promise Act, which passed the Senate and was signed into law by President Obama one year ago this month.