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These roles foster a one-to-one relationship, and they've been made possible by efficiencies resulting from technology."
In a one-to-one relationship with your doctor you build up a kind of trust and friendly awareness which helps to formulate a greater understanding of what can be in some instances a difficult and traumatic past that takes time.
Impact Mobile President and CEO Gary Schwartz added in another statement: "Universal's newspaper clients will now be able to establish a one-to-one relationship with the readers and the opportunity for ongoing communications with targeted consumers."
An action plan was drawn up which involved each pupil benefiting from a one-to-one relationship, so the governors decided that resources should be used to engage specialist teachers.
Students who are high on the individualized consideration leadership component will seek out a one-to-one relationship with the instructor.
"I have got a wafer-thin staff but we are a very tight-knit group and I am enjoying having that one-to-one relationship.
"I have got a wafer-thin staff, but we are a very tight-knit group and I am enjoying having that one-to-one relationship.
Volunteers give their time to build up a one-to-one relationship with a vulnerable young person, helping them take control of their choices and actions.
The (U)SIM card authenticates and identifies individual subscribers onto the wireless network and lets wireless carriers have a one-to-one relationship with subscribers.
The one-to-one relationship between host computer and storage device made this type of attachment simple to install and manage, with the file system storage component talking directly to the storage device (see Figure 2).
"A one-to-one relationship is set up, whereby each action is answered by a growling response, like that produced by poking an animal with a stick, or crossing a threshold and setting off an alarm." Thus Mike Kelley described the DAM production process (to call it composition would be a misnomer) in the first issue of the band's fanzine.
Another three identical SATA drives would mirror data from primary sources, in a one-to-one relationship.