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Companies are providing more online annual reports, an average of just over three years' worth.
To enhance its usefulness, online annual reports must be user-friendly.
based AT&T ties an interactive survey to its online annual report and mails two types of surveys to a random sample of institutional and individual investors.
ISTANBUL, Mar 24, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's largest fixed line phone operator Turk Telekom won two awards at the IR (Investor Relations) Global Rankings, a ranking system for investor relations websites, online annual report, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures.
When the only kind of time that seems to matter is "real time," the online annual report is in a bind.
The problem is that the web is speeding up a little bit more each day (sorry, it's true), in the process vacuuming up ever more information and circulating it faster, Against this backdrop, the online annual report, with its frozen-in-time perspective and content, is becoming increasingly musty.
Some companies are already "airing out" the online annual report with more current information.
Articles were categorized as related to SEC regulations and guidelines, summary annual reports, online annual reports, rhetorical analysis of annual reports, readability and accessibility of annual reports, methods of conveying negative information in annual reports, effective annual report writing, use and importance of annual reports, or use of annual reports in business writing classes.
Despite a rapid rise in the number of investors receiving shareholder materials through electronic delivery, most companies neglect their online annual reports. They could be missing out on a big opportunity to save time and money down the road.
It's obvious that these problems, and others, make PDF blobs something to avoid for online annual reports. Yet, a survey of 100 of the world's biggest companies, drawn from the S&P Global 1,200, found that more than 30 percent of these prominent companies used PDF blobs as the only format for their reports.
According to a recent NIRI survey, the average budget for online annual reports is around $7,400.
Public Register's Annual Reports Service (http://www.annualreportservice.com) has links to more than 1,170 online annual reports (some in Adobe PDF format).
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