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AcronymDefinition (Sun Microsystems)
OOoOne on One
OOoOut Of Order (execution)
OOoOdd One Out
OOoOscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (gaming, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion IV mod)
OOoOil of Olay (cosmetic)
OOoOpen Office Org
OOoOut of Order
OOoOn Our Own
OOoOut Of Office
OOoOut of the Ordinary
OOoOptical Optical Optical (telecommunications switching)
OOoOf Obscure Origin
OOoOutwit Outplay Outlast (Survivor TV Show)
OOoOut Of Option
OOoObschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennost'yu (Russian: Limited Liability Company, Llc)
OOoObject Oriented Operation (TMN)
OOoObject-Oriented Organization
OOoOverly Officious Official (sports officiating)
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Almost all agricultural enterprises applied for fertilizers in OOO Ryazanagrokhim.
In preparing the charges, the OOO allegedly used against him the counteraffidavits of some of his corespondents, especially Tuason (who was granted immunity and discharged from the complaint).
Elgaugol OOO is the project operator company and owner of its subsoil license; Elga-Doroga OOO owns the Ulak-Elga railroad; and Mecheltrans Vostok OOO is the railroad's transport operator.
On the second issue, the OOO, citing Rubrico vs Arroyo (Feb.
OOO also has an outstanding loan with a third party for USD1m, which will be paid by the company, of which USD550,000 must be repaid by January 2010 and the balance by October 2010.
The acquisition of OOO Truboplast will give TMK the largest pipe coating capacity in Russia, further strengthening its position in the oil and gas pipe market and increasing its share of high value-added premium products.
Graph 4 - Worldwide Embedded AC-DC Power Supply Market, by Merchant and Captive (unit market share) OOO.
Tenders are invited for Acquisition of cargo and passenger vehicles for OOO Bashenergotrans
6 June 2014 - German embedded computer technology provider Kontron AG (ETR:KBC) said today it had agreed to dispose of Russian company Affair OOO for some EUR11m (USD15m).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-7 October 2008-Russian Competition Authorities approve Atria's acquisition of OOO Campomos(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The TBK-A is used with durometers in the A scale, although kits and blocks are available for durometer types D, B, C, DO, O, OO, OOO and M.
In 2005, Sun Interbrew, the owner of a number of local and foreign brands, announced the acquisition of OOO Tinkoff, a company producing two brands - Tinkoff and T - which was launched earlier 2005 and which had already became popular.