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OORTObject-Oriented Reading Technique
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In the OORT Bluetooth Smart controllers, the nRF51822 SoC provides wireless connectivity to both iOS and Android-compatible Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.
Its fraction of heavy water is three times that of Earth, higher than those of the Oort cloud comets.
Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, a massively multiplayer strategy game, was presented as a beta on Game Connection Europe and Indie Prize Showcase Amsterdam 2014 game contests.
Pero al margen de bromas o trasfondos politicos, este objeto ha vuelto a centrar la atencion en la Nube de Oort y, probablemente, contribuya a reformular hipotesis sobre el origen y conformacion de nuestro sistema solar.
While many comets come out of the Oort cloud and return after a long trip through the solar system and many comets graze by the sun, this is the first one that astronomers have watched that is from the Oort cloud and is skimming the sun.
Astronomy Now explains that the comet's near-parabolic orbit suggests that it has arrived fresh from the Oort Cloud, a vast zone of icy objects orbiting the Sun, pristine remnants of the formation of the Solar System.
This particular comet is thought to have its origins in the Oort Cloud with aphelion at 63,600 AU, but after its passage through the inner solar system, would have been perturbed by planetary encounters into an 11,800 year orbit with a semi-major axis of 518 AU.
Eric van Oort, Wells Performance Improvement Manager at Shell, said, 'Our testing with DrillEdge technology produced compelling results and demonstrated that unscheduled events don`t happen immediately.
They now make up much of the Oort Cloud, the roughly spherical cloud of comets that surrounds the Sun extending halfway to the nearest star, say the scientists.
They modelled what would happen to dust released from various sources--asteroid collisions, comets arriving on random orbits from the Oort Cloud, and especially "Jupiter-family comets" (orbital periods of less than 20 years)--and kept track of what went where.
In addition, the outer reaches of our solar system have been divided into three regions: the Kuiper Belt, the Scattered Disc and the Oort Cloud.
And that the actual size of our solar system stretches 1,200 times the distance into the Oort cloud?