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OOSTObject Oriented Software Technology (Canada)
OOSTOut-of-Sequence Track
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I could have taken that one just as easily," De Jonge said in an interview with RTV Oost.
You should try not to worry too much because then you won't get anywhere," he told RTV Oost.
Oost ably establishes the extent to which, through "ticket prices, the arrangements of the bill, reviewers' comments, and contents of programs", managers "guard[ed] the frontiers of class at their theatres.
Oost meticulously captures the flavour of the theatrical experience of the period, reconstructing, with enthusiasm for minutiae and often-overlooked details, the aspirational desires behind mid-Victorian playgoing.
Van Oost apparently intended to publish the accounts of his experiences in home periodicals for the churchgoers who contributed to missions.
For the six years that his account chronicles, Van Oost relates much about the practice of Chinese customs (such as the Lantern Festival, observances for various gods, and marriage practices), and he also tells of the ravages of the bandits, warlords, and armies of early republican China.
PPM Oost (Participatiemaatschappij Oost Nederland) invests in early stage, innovative companies who are based in the Dutch provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland, especially in the food, health and technology sectors.
Aoc oost trains the people who will make the green society.
The assignment concerns the maintenance of the green area in the randwijck-elsrijk oost and westwijk-bovenkerk districts.
According to Tim Van Oost, Director of International Transport and Compliance at Tenneco Automotive, "We asked a variety of our customers if the 'Track & Trace' functionality would be of interest to them and there was an overwhelmingly positive response.